A music school with heart! I have been impressed with the professional nature of instruction provided by highly qualified teachers. I would recommend the school for your children too. My daughter loves it here!
-Hideko Neches

I've been studied music and I would never take my children anyplace else than Young Talents Music School. The training they get there is very through and challenging for each of them. Best of all, my children love their teachers!
-Lisa Matta

Young Talents Music School provides a creative learning environment that tailors and emphasizes individual child's progress in music methods and concepts. An excellent professional instruction along with positive attitude make this great progress an achievable and enjoyable experience. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants an excellent music instruction.
-Donna Romaso

Our four daughters have studied at the Young Talents Music School for twelve years. The positive attitude and encouragement, as well as a the talent and enthusiasm expressed by the teachers have allowed our girls to excel on the violin above and beyond what we ever expected.
-Randy & Liz Arai

Our daughter and son have been taking piano lessons at the YTMS for two years. With outstanding instructions, encouragement, and a nurturing environment, they have come to love and appreciate classical music. Their accomplishment and success have far exceeded our expectation.
-Siamak & Parissa Okhovat

I am a teenage student who has been at Young Talents Music School for more than six years. Thanks to YTMS, the experiences I gain from performing in various Concerts and Recitals, being the accompanist of the Preschool Music Group, attending workshops, and annually participating in Certificate of Merit help me attain scholarships, prestige in school, and acceptances into the best high schools of Sacramento.
                        -Margarita Kovalchuk

Young Talents Music School can be proud to have such a name because it's teachers make true talents out of ordinary children. The teachers make sure young musicians not only play pieces from different historical periods but understand the spirit of each period. In addition the school offers a variety of usful musical activities like chamber music, ensembles, theory along with personal stage performance, all of which ensures high professional education each participating student gets. I like the fact that I can bring 3 of my kids to different teachers at the same time for their music lessons. It saves my time.
-Karina Kostyuk

Although I am no longer a student at Young Talents Music School, having studied Music there for over ten years has greatly aided me in my educational pursuits at UC Davis. Studying music did much more me than teach me how to play the piano and sight-read. It has taught me dedication and perserverance as well as the concept that practice really does make perfect, all of which are necessary qualities to achieve success. Particularily about YTMS, I appreciated the expertise and patience with each of my lessons was conducted and the way I was prepared for each CM test. Thank you for everything!
-Irina Geletyuk

We think we were very lucky to find the Music School "Young Talents". Instructors do their absolute best attracting students` interest towards process of music making, helping them express their feelings, emotions via medium of Classical Music. I am certain that music lessons will teach my kids to be diligent, hard-working, thus enabling them to reach their goals in the future, whatever they might be.                                                                                 
-Natalie Shturman

Here at Young Talents Music School, instructors help discover, develop and put finishing touches on talent, hidden in a young artist’s soul. For my daughter music lessons have always been not only great way to enjoy true Art, but also an opportunity to glorify the Creator. But also they help great deal in developing extremely important moral qualities: Responsibility, Perseverance and Purposefulness.
-Irina Karkhut

During 3 past years, I have not missed a single lesson that my daughter had. I have always been impressed how well-organized and interesting all the lessons at Young Talents Music School are conducted, which in turn motivates my daughter to take her music lessons very seriously.
-Alla Golodneak

Being a professional musician and teaching the flute at Young Talents Music School, I decided to send my own son to the same school because I was certain- this is the place where he will get music education of the highest standards. Shaping the image and style of a given musical work, finding right sound palette ,as well as picking interesting and diverse repertoire-all these factors have been motivating my son to continue his musical education at this school for 5 last years.
-Olga Shevchyk, flute instructor

Professional qualifications and education level of the teachers working at Young Talents School of Music have always been consistently high. The syllabi, recitals and competitions-everything has been meticulously put together and organized, allowing students to develop their creative potential to its most. I highly recommend this school to your children.
-Oksana Sitnitskaya, An Opera Singer,
The Artist of Merit of the Ukraine